The EquipMed LLC was founded in 2013.

Since its establishment the company is one of the leaders in the
market of medical equipment, components and medical products from world famous manufacturers. Our clients are leading public and private medical institutions, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Cooperation with medical institutions includes not only the supply of medical equipment, but also an additional wide range of products and solutions — from counseling to educational lessons for medical
personnel, information technology and financial solutions.

Many years of experience in the supply of medical equipment and knowledge of the specifics of the market, as well as direct cooperation with manufacturers without intermediaries is a guarantee of high quality and affordable prices.

Our team is the leaders who know exactly what direction it is necessary to direct their professionalism to achieve the highest goals. Every day they work for you, providing the EquipMed LLC a leader in the medical equipment market.

Service engineers pass courses on training installation and maintenance of medical equipment at manufacturers and factories and have the appropriate certificates.

Managers regularly take part in trainings conducted by manufacturers and will always help in choosing the optimal solution.

The EquipMed LLC actively participates in the profile events of the medical industry, such as scientific conferences, practical seminars and profile exhibitions. The availability of demonstration samples allows our customers to see and test the equipment offered by the company in operation.

Together with our clients, we create the future of health care and save lives. Increase efficiency and reduce costs. We are building new relationships and setting higher standards.